New Year – Same US!

And we’re back! It’s been a wild 2 years away from blogging.  Know there was multiple failed attempts to start a new blog, develop a new tag line etc. but nothing seemed to fit perfectly.

So I am back to putting one foot in front of the other.   Adding a weekly update to my to-do list and seeing what happens!

I am someone who THRIVES on adding MORE to my life.  Until I hit burnout phase.  I was reminded to create margins in my life.   And the check on whether my margins are there are the status of my home and the status of my marriage.

It’s safe to say that 2016 has started FRESH.

Our Christmas miracle was finding out that our landlord was willing to cut our rent by $100 a month in exchange for us singing a 2 year lease.  New porch and “potentially” new granite counter tops to boot.  Can you say Hallelujah? So we spent New Year’s weekend with the most dreaded task of cleaning the basement…hence the fresh start to 2016.

Cleaning, organizing, compartmentalizing has the natural effect of refocusing.  What to keep, what to give away, what to put to use, what to retire.

I am not resolution person.  I am a short term, BABY STEPS, fly by the seat of my pants and hope for the best.  That is not to say I am not intentional, as I am a planner by heart.  But I believe that in order to make life changes, create habits, raise your potential – you have to change your perspective, change the angle you are looking from and the lens you are looking through.  It’s not a NEW you, its a BETTER and the BEST YOU!

So let’s celebrate some of the highlights of 2015 – and focus on having FAITH and living from within in 2016.  I am incredibly grateful for the doors that have been opened for me so far, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to offer!


1st year of marriage – ups, downs and coming out on top.

becoming a dog mom (and the wife of the sweetest dog dad)

our first Mardi Gras experience, strengthening lifelong bonds with our local cousins

honeymooning in Barbados where I learned to surf (and the GoPro video to prove it)

St. Patrick’s Day in New Orleans, just a fun as Mardi Gras with fewer beads and more projectile vegetables

Dad’s visit for Easter – cooking Easter dinner for two of the favorite men in my life, complete with a carrot cake cupcake from the bakery downstairs

My sister-in-law Margaret’s visit our last weekend in Mississippi, coincidentally (not coincidentally) Jazz Fest weekend where we saw Jimmy Buffett, Lady Gaga the Who AND my favorite show, Pitfall perform live.  If anyone knows how to party, it is Margaret Sarcone – the boys ditched Jazz Fest for golf on Day 2, and us girls got the car towed.  End of Story but a fantastic finale to our time in the Gulf!

Our first cross country move as a couple and family.  Jeff was a trooper, Jay too.  We spent time with family in VA before finishing our drive to Newport.  Will never forget spending two nights in the same week on an air mattress in an empty house/apartment (yes, the three of us – if you have never tried sleeping on an air mattress with a husband and a 60 pound dog, I dare you!)

The summer was a blur, but a fun one.  Dad, Patti, Mom and Bob came to visit (on separate weekends of course) – We braved no AC for a while, went to the beach late in the afternoon after the tourists, and got settled into our new neighborhood.   We made a trip to Martha’s Vineyard and NYC to visit friends.

I joined the Junior League of Rhode Island in September – something I had planned to do for sometime, but felt perfect after my grandmother, a former member of a Virginia Junior League passed away peacefully over the summer.  Made two best friends and many others!

Got myself back into shape over 16 weeks of Pulse Boot Camp on the Beach.  Enjoyed taking the dog to the beach after bootcamp, but could never get over the constant sand in my shoes that “bled” through my socks.  Gross.

After a year hiatus from Crossfit, Jay and I joined an up and coming “Box” in Newport that has become our second family.  The icing on the cake is getting to take Jeff with us where he has become quite the chick magnet.  He will do anything for a few extra pets.

We finished up the warm weather with daily “runs” on the beach.  Jeff runs, I walk and take in the joy that is watching him run the length of the beach over and over.   It is pure bliss to watch him chase birds, run through the surf, disappear until he is a little speck and soon enough come running back to me!

October brought a much needed girls trip to Charleston and November a trip to Asheville with Jay’s college friends.  They drank a lot and watched football, I drank a little, cooked a lot and READ a lot by the fireplace in our room with a view.  Needless to say it was some much needed R&R.

Coincidentally it was that weekend that I embarked on a new journey with a company called LuLaRoe! Many adjustments came along with working from home full time and I was continuously craving a creative outlet where I could connect with other women, empower them and maybe create some extra savings for our house fund.  LuLaRoe stepped into my life and I haven’t looked back since!

Finally, we spent our honeymoon weekend horseback riding, cancelling fancy brunch reservations in order to go to a pot luck at our gym, and getting a free birthday/anniversary meal at Restaurant Week!

2015 rounded out with two visits to Virginia for Thanksgiving and Christmas, fun holiday parties, not having the energy to deal with a tree, and a fun work retreat to Florida!

We are finally feeling settled into our home and in our community after 8 months, with 16 months to go.   And cannot wait to see what kind of weather old man winter has to offer!

Celebrating many personal successes over the past year and looking forward to continued growth in my life and in my relationships.  Here’s to the SAME US, being our best selves, living our best lives for 2016.  Let’s have faith, buckle our seatbelt and hold on tight.  No stressing here, because at the end of the day, our stories are already written.  And I will give you a spoiler: it all works out for good.  It is going to be a WILD and MEANINGFUL RIDE, so  bring it on 2016.